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US Election: What could Donald Trump’s win mean for the Central London Property Market?

Market Overview

Following on from Brexit, it seems Donald Trump’s win should not come as a surprise. We look at the possible and likely impacts his election will have on the Prime Central London property market.

Key points to consider:

    • Short term instability in the currency markets
  • Weakening of the Dollar
  • Strengthening of the Pound
It is estimated that approximately 6% of buyers in the Prime Central London market were from the US in Q3 this year, demonstrating US buyer’s appetite for PCL property. As uncertainty continues on the global economic stage, we could expect investors to look for safe havens to invest in to tangible assets, resulting in increased investment in Prime Central London property. Parts of London such as Chelsea, Kensington and Holland Park have long been favoured by Americans and the numbers are likely to grow. Interestingly, the Canadian immigration website crashed from a surge of US citizens looking to acquire Canadian citizenship. This should bode well for the United Kingdom for two key reasons: language and financial market time zone. With weakening US dollar and Trump as US President, London is likely to become an increasingly more popular destination. Theresa May has been one of the very few politicians not to insult Donald Trump. Unlike Barack Obama, Trump has said that the United Kingdom will not go to the back of the queue when agreeing new trade agreements. Let’s see if there is a shift of power from the US to the UK.
Donald Trump’s
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